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Sunday, April 28, 2013

New use for an old vegetable!

No, not this old vegetable. There's not much use for her.

"Howdy! Aunt Agnes here and Ah'm happier'n a pig in sh slops! We found us a new use for an old veggie and it's right tasty!"

"Last year some of our Brussels sprouts failed to ripen before the frost got to 'em and so we just left them there in the garden. Now, although they started growing agin' this spring they won't ever produce sprouts yew can eat before the heat gets to 'em, not in this zone." 

"What we did was pick all the new tender leaves."

"We tried 'em two ways, steamed and also sauteed in olive oil and then served with butter, lemon juice, salt an pepper. They tasted really fine, especially the sauteed ones. And being brassicas they's good for yew as well!"


"So jist keep this in mind next time yer sprouts don't sprout in time. Thank yew for stoppin' by at Uncle Mac's, y'all come back soon!"

1 comment:

Glory Lennon said...

iT'S A RATHER GOOD IDEA! Why am I shouting? Cuz I just found out the cap lock was on. sorry!