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Saturday, April 20, 2013

FARM GIRL'S CORNER - first crop

Hi there, Farm Girl here, welcome to Farm Girl's Corner. For those of you who might not remember, the Shed is located in Zone 6, northernmost New Jersey, and so you might be surprised to learn that we pulled our first crop today.

What in the world could that crop be, you may be wondering? Nothing but turnip greens of course! We had let some white turnips overwinter last season so that we could collect seeds this year but we decided, yuck, who wants white turnips, the yellow ones are so much tastier.

But there is nothing at all wrong with white turnip greens they are as good as any other. And they are a terribly healthful food as well. Agnes keeps eating them and may just possibly live forever as a result.

There's a downside to everything.


You may be wondering, but aren't turnip greens just trash to be thrown away?

Hell no, they are very tasty and 5 times more nutritious than the root, although the roots are alright too. You can read all about it right HERE but suffice it to say, if you want to suppress inflammation, the vitamin K content in a cupful of steamed turnip greens is not to be matched by any other commonly consumed vegetable.

A delicious and simple omelet can be yours when you chop a lot of turnip greens , chop some onions in with them and add enough egg to glue it all together. Of course you can add ham and mushrooms, seasonings up the gagootz etc. but that basic omelet is tasty and good for you as well.

And that's about all there is to say about our first crop. Thanks for stopping, bye!


Raymond Alexander Kukkee said...

Tasty stuff, how fortunate, especially this early in the year! Zone 6 is good...we got 3' of snow yesterday.

Mac Pike said...

Technically, Ray, we could STILL get a quick, non sticking snow and a frost is not out of the question but it would be extraordinary. Also these greens would not exist if they had not overwintered. But hey, a gardener likes to see that first veggie.

Or flower if you are a floral type person.

Glory Lennon said...

Fantastic! I should plant some of those.