The Shed

The Shed
The Shed

Sunday, October 20, 2013

An Unnecessary Interruption

A quiet afternoon around the shed. Uncle Mac was trying to find the Packers' game on TV; Farm Girl was filing her nails.

"I haven't seen Leatherface around lately." she said.

"You know," said Uncle M, "you're right. He's hard to miss and usually underfoot. He went after Victor I think. Maybe..."

The garden side door burst open at that point and the irrepressible Vida G burst in wearing full gardening attire and carrying a basket filled with what could only be the last of the Swiss chard.

"Hey!" she said, "What delicious and healthful green vegetable is always overcooked?" 

Farm Girl and Mac gaped at her.

"Chard!" she said, and exited through the orchard door, evidently en route to the now Leatherfaceless kitchen in the main house.

Farm Girl and Uncle M exchanged glances.

The orchard door opened again. Vida reappeared.

"That's my veggie joke. I'm making up a whole bunch of 'em."

The door swung nearly shut, then popped back open.

"I might try stand up!"

Uncle Mac nodded. Farm Girl finger-wiggled a good bye.

The door closed.

"I blame myself." said Mac.

"So do I." said Farm Girl.