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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

WHO'S GOT THE LINKS? We have daisies, Daisy Dukes, a frightful and dangerous bog, Jack the Ripper and more...

Some links are better than others. Some are actually Lynx. But we got 'em for ya, either way!


Ah the harbingers of spring! The first robin, the first mosquito, the first emmergent buds, the first Jehovah's Witnesses, and that ever popular first thong bikini! The cycle of life renewed and reaffirmed. And what is more life affirming than a burgeoning daisy patch? Almost nothing, is our belief here in the garden shed.

One woman who seems to agree is Glory Lennon, author of the award winning Glory's Garden. She is going to share a fraction of her daisy lore with us right HERE, and also HERE as well! Thank you, Glory!


A man goes out hiking, hunting, or fishing. He catches his limit, bags his buck, or has an invigorating walk. Or not. But he probably has a good day anyway.

Sometimes, it rains, snows or sleets unexpectedly. Or the man falls into a fast running stream, loses his gun and breaks his arm. A bad day by any measure.

Sometimes, he doesn't come back, and is never seen again. Was it the Wendigo?  A killer grizzly? No, and probably not. But Mike knows what it could have been, and if you are a veteren outdoorsman, so do you. A true tale of horror, that ended better than it might have, from Mike Logan...


Jack the Rippers dead,
and lying on his bed.
He cut his throat,
with Sunlight Soap.
Jack the Rippers dead!

Not exactly a ringing endorsement for Sunlight Soap, at least not by the standards of modern marketing. It was, however, a charming childrens rhyme that was in vogue
over 120 years ago when it became apparent that Jack had taken up another line of work.

It also proves that one cannot teach old doggerel new tricks.

Who was Jack? No one knows, no one ever will know. Forensics of the day were not up to the task; no one who witnessed Jackie at play up close and personal lived to tell the tale.

What did he do before he joined the big leagues on the night of August 31, 1898? Surely he didn't leap directly from a career of teaching the oboe to pureeing members of Londons' underclass! What were his stats down in the minors?

No one knows that either.

But that doesn't prevent the author of "Jack the Ripper; The early victims" from telling us anyway. And if you are an amateur ripperologist, and the woods (and fog) are full of 'em, you will have to look. It's like a train wreck... 

And speaking of wrecks its time for a healthy dose of NASCAR lore. Did you know, for example, that Ryan Newman can fart the alphabet? Makes you wonder why he ever bothered with racing.

If you are like the bunch that hangs around the garden shed, you cannot accumulate enough NASCAR lore. And that is why you are going to find this behind the scenes peek at Championship Week in Las Vegas as enthralling as we did. Alexandra Heep is going to tell you all about it, and she is going to do so right HERE!


Lock up the toll house cookies! Bury the chocolate chippers in the coal celler! Chuck the ginger snaps in the butter churn! 
Raymond Alexander Kukkee is here!

And he brings us - along with an insatiable appetite for cookies - this 24 carrot tale from the other end of the garden. No, not from over there by the parsnips, but from the autumn end of things, from fall in Northern Ontario where fall can turn mighty ugly before you can blink.

Raymond nearly blinked, but he rose to the occasion in the nick of time. Well he tells the story better, so why don't I let him get about it? Click right HERE!


I don't always buy art, but when I do, I make sure its an original Paret.

I thought I'd go see what lynny was selling these days, there are loads of new things! I was blown away!

Lynn has all kinds of new pieces hanging on the wall, and you should go and check her Etsy shop right now!

The surprising thing, at least to the denizens of the shed, was the reasonable prices, they match the current state of the economy. 

"Dam!" I recall Delacroix saying, "I don't even have to steal mine."

She didn't sound particularly happy about that but that's Delacroix, she is what she is. (Whatever that is!)

So go check out the gallery, then grab a crowbar, open your wallet, beat the moths to death and then treat yourself to a new wall piece! Brighten your day!


I was sittin' at the card table out in the garden shed, (it was a balmy day for March) when I heard a truck in the driveway. So did the wolves and they leaped upright, going from sound asleep to wide awake and full of mischief in a tenth of a second.

"DOWN!" I suggested.

They are essentially harmless critters, appearance to the contrary notwithstanding, but for some reason they like to mess with the UPS guy. He won't leave the truck.

They are also obedient and both dropped to the floor with audible thumps; Nero  grumbling, Dire sighing deeply as though he were bearing the weight of the entire lupine world on his brawny back. Funny critters, wolves.

I closed the shed door behind me and approached the truck. The window rolled down slightly and a box protruded. I grabbed it.

"Yes!" It was How HOW TO GROW AN EMERGENCY GARDEN" by Becca Badgett and Cheri Majors, long anticipated and here at last! It lives up to all expectations.

How to Grow an Emergency Garden delivers what the title promises; the reader will discover how to garden for a full twelve month cycle. There are great pictures, poems, a little scripture, a lot of know how, and tricks of the trade I had never heard of in a long life of gardening. It is well written as you would expect but if there are two things about this book that jump out at the reader, they are clarity, and brevity of expression.

That is a terrific combination in a "how to" book. No word is wasted, never is the reader in doubt about what he or she is being instructed to do. 

I recommend this book highly to first time gardener and grizzled veteren alike; to find out more, or to place an order, here is the pertinant Amazon page:

Act now while there are some in stock!


4 comments: said...

Now why isn't Mac wearing the Daisy Dukes? Thanks, baby!

Raymond Alexander Kukkee said...

Great post, Mac! Thanks for the mention and lynx, pun intended, and when you decide to model the Daisy Dukes, make sure you send me a registered letter, three emails, and telegram by Western Union so I don't miss it! Love the pics, nice lynx kitties too! Btw, not a bad carrot too, wasn't it ? ":)

Mike W said...

I would have used that carrot in a pot of soup or chomped it raw or roasted it with a roast.

I love the pics too...

Mac Pike said...

It was fun - you have a better chance of having Vida Guerra delivering you your favorite pizza (hot) and favorite beer (cold) buck naked except for heels than you have of ever seeing this hillbilly in cut offs. (pray for the first and give thanks for the last)---the lynx kitties need a chin scratch and belly rub, and that carrot definitely needs a pot with beef and beef by products. And spuds. Well maybe peas too.