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Thursday, April 4, 2013

D needs to be for something...

"D needs to be for something," Uncle Mac proclaimed dolefully, "or we'll be out of the A to Z bloggery challenge before you can say 'diplodocus'."

"Why would we say such a thing?" asked Farm Girl, reasonably, "the word's a trifle oddicus." 

"Besides, I think it's diplo-dough-cus, the last part seems to rhyme with "focus".

Mallory leaped to his feet.

"His brain's no bigger than a pea, his appetites humongous!"
"He's eminently qualified to hold a seat in congress!"

"NO!", thundered Uncle M, thunderously, "there will be no diplodochian doggerel today. No sauropodian sonnets. No reptilian rhymes. We are gardeners, not paleontologists and certainly not poets. Our readers deserve better from us."

"No they don't, I've met a few of them." contributed Delacroix. "How about some prehistoric pentameter?"

Aunt Agnes chose this moment to sidle in through the south or garden side doorway.

"Or maybe ding-bat?", murmured Farm Girl, "or dyspeptic disgrace?"

"Dill?", suggested the Disgrace.

"Dill! Not bad! Used for pickling and seasoning, a herb of some merit!", Uncle M seemed genuinely enthused.


"A relative of carrots and very easy to grow."

A prolonged silence settled over the group.

"Tomorrow's another day", observed Farm Girl, "Perhaps we'll do better with E."

"Let's hope so.", said Uncle Mac.


Anonymous said...

This is a clever little blog and I have enjoyed reading letters A through D. Good luck with the rest of the challenge. I'm sure I'll be back!

Anonymous said...

Dinos and dill never cease to amaze me, Mac:)

Lexie Rising said...

I think this just made my "must visit every day" A-Z blog list! Have much enjoyed A through D! :)

Elizabeth Seckman said...

How interesting! I never knew dill and carrot were related! But then my sister and I are very little alike and we're related!

Raymond Alexander Kukkee said...

Excellent and creative, Mac. I do not know where you come up with these amazing ideas. Must be the help in the shed, or is it the tractor that inspires? LOL

Mac Pike said...

Gotta be the tractor.

Mike W said...

Mac, I think your Muse has been growing some kind of herb in the garden and ingesting it.

Either that your Muse is a genius. This spot is as a good for a laugh as it is for good information.

Keep blogging my friend.

MJ said...

All together now: We love A-Z at the shed! :D