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Sunday, March 18, 2012

FARM GIRL'S CORNER - Why bust your onions?


Hi! I'm Farm Girl, I help Uncle Mac whenever there is work to be done, out in the garden and around the shed and that kind of thing. But some times he just wants to play! Why just this mornin' he said to me:

"Hey! Farm Girl!"

"Yes Mac?" I said.

"Lets play the farm tool game! I'll be a rake, and you can be a hoe!

"Well that's sounds nice", I said.

What was I thinkin'? It was fixin' to rain but still. Sometimes I wish he'd go stay at Wooly Acres where old goats are always welcome.

But today I'm here to talk about growing onions.

Have onions been problematic for you? You are not alone. There are lots of gardening folks who grow onions when they plant them, but they just seem so much smaller than expected. And that could be because they are simply missing a few essential onioning facts.

Usually I don't plug one particular company here at the Corner but that is more of a guideline than a rule. When someone goes the extra mile, we like to tell you about it! is one such outfit. They specialize in onions and relatives (like garlic, not their grandmas) and have done so for 100 years. They tell you things about onion culture that are not generally known; things that can help you grow a successful onion patch. 

And they offer a nice selection of onions aiming for success throughout the USA.

If you haven't already bought your onion plants why not click on over to their site and take a look? You have nothing to lose, and alliums to gain!

As always thank you for stopping by at Farm Girls Corner!

(And if you see Uncle Mac tell him where he can put his rake next time it rains!)


Raymond Alexander Kukkee said...

Mac, just reading Farm Girl's advice about onions seems to make them grow better.
Fine onion patch, you have there, you must congratulate Farm Girl for being so knowledgeable about Alliums and gardening tools. ":)

Mike W said...

What is she talking about, growing onions? Them onions don't need no growing...

Mac Pike said...

It's that Texas A & M education, driving her to keep us abreast of all things oniony at the drop of a hat.

Anyone have a good "abuttment" reference? said...

Never had success with onions...maybe I need to change what I wear? Or just wear less and someone will do all the work for that would be ideal.

Mike W said...

Farm Girl should write something about long-day vs short-day vs day-neutral onions.

Mac Pike said...

Farm Girl was too lazy but if the post reader clicks on the link in the post - not wooly bully acres but the onion company one, all those mysteries will be revealed!

Of course peeps should also click wooly bully, whilst gazing sheepishly at their monitors