The Shed

The Shed
The Shed

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

H day already? I wonder what it's for?

"Raindrop lying tear like on my kale reflects the ancient hillbilly." 


"Whut?" exclaimed Aunt Agnes.

"Raindrop on my kale!" replied Mac, indicating the glittering droplet on the aforementioned leafy green veggie. "reflects, you know, like a mirror, the ancient hillbilly. That would be you."

"You been into Bonaparte's brandy already? Ah'm gettin' me some coffee!"

But as Agnes tried to enter the shed she met Farm Girl coming out.

"Hah!" said Farm Girl and seizing Agnes by the elbow, leaned in close, cobalt eyes wide.


"The squash bug sucks the summer sap as pumpkins shrink proportionally." she murmured.

"Squash bugs! Pumpkins? Summer? Hell it's jist barely spring! You gone loco too?"

She sidled through the door only to be collared by Lacey Delacroix, now somewhat ambulatory.


Holding one finger portentously aloft Lacey declaimed:

"Neck deep the watchful sniper stands in swampy goo, her boobies wrinkling."

"Gaaah!" cried Agnes and fled. Speeding through the Shed she exited the orchard door only to run smack into Millie Quackenbush who was carrying a bag from which delightful odors of recent baking wafted. Millie waggled something toasty, light and dripping with butter at the panicked ex pride of west Texas.


"Cloudlike floats the yummy croisant to the eager maw. I masticate!"

"I don't give a damn whut yew do when yer alone! What the hell is goin' on around here today?"

"Haiku!" said Millie.

"Gesundheit!" replied Agnes as she bolted for freedom.


Raymond Alexander Kukkee said...

Mac, this is hilarious,bud! The shed is percolating along just fine, I see, waiting for gardening season,,,

Unknown said...

Very cute post! Quite the funny blog you got here. :)

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Lexie Rising said...

AH! I wondered if I run into any Haiku today- yay! Took me a minute to get it though- very clever! :)

Mac Pike said...

Thanks all! :-D

Anonymous said...

hahahah that last line.
You guys crack me up lol

auntyamo said...

I love this! LOL

Mike W said...

Very well done Mac. Your imagination and creativeness is unparalleled.