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Friday, August 31, 2012

FARM GIRL'S CORNER - Shootin' the Boule

Farm Girl here! Its Friday already and that means that its time to check the progress of the Boule D'or yellow turnips; planted from seed just 14 days ago on August 17th. Lets see just what we have...

Progressing nicely from having been seeds in a packet only 14 days ago. We've thinned them to just two turnips for each spot with one final thinning to go. A little weeding was necessary but late in the year like this, weeds are not germinating as aggressively as they do in springtime.

Growth has been slowed significantly by lack of rain; there has been less than 5 minutes precipitation since the seeds were sown and while we are hand watering the supply available for that is restricted as well.

Still, we expect to bring you the third week Boule update a week from today. Thanks as always for visiting farm girls Corner!

Lead photo courtesy of April May Maple who retains all rights:

Lead photo model: April May Maple

2 comments: said...

Nice looking patch.

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