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Saturday, August 25, 2012

FARM GIRL'S UPDATE - Boulish on yellow turnips

We promised you an update on our Boule d'or yellow turnips, sown last Friday in one of our raised beds her at the shed. Old Mac was dibblin' his ass off for a while, I can tell you! I helped a bit, its what Farm Girls do.


Here is what we expect to harvest in 6 to 7 more weeks:


And here is what the bed looks like exactly one week after sowing, on Friday the 24th of August. (Curiously this is exactly one day before the "Best Butts in Buttzville" event - Best Butts in Buttzville Eve, so to speak). But I digress.

And there they are, rank on rank, row on row. They actually had sprouted in less than 72 hours, being up by the morning of Monday August 20, and germination was nearly 100%.

Hats off to the fine folks at Baker Creek Seeds for a great product.

By next weeks' update we will have had to thin and weed the seedlings as the march of the Boule D'ors continues (barring disaster) straight to the pot and root cellar!

This has been the promised weekly turnip recap and as always thanks for stopping by. I'm Farm Girl and I'm outie!


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