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The Shed
The Shed

Friday, August 31, 2012


Woo hoo! Aunt Agnes here! I know they don't want me postin' anymore but they's all out in the Shed with the door locked plottin' somethin' mysterious so I'm here in the house usin' Old Mac's old Mac to show you what goes on in the rutabaga patch.

Do you have a Rutabaga patch? Well then you know that you cain't rightly tell what you have just by a casual peek because all you can see from the top is a sea of greenery.

Now you take this feller here out his 'baga field. Do you think he has any idea what's growing under all that green stuff? He does not he has to yank a few samples up by the roots! What kind of wastage is that in a world consumed by rampant hunger?

That ain't how we do things here at the Shed. Uncle Mac just looks at me and says:

"Agnes! Are you still here? Make yourself useful and get down on your belly in the mud and tell us how the Rutabagas are doing!"

This is how I know they're warmin' up to me. And nobody can git down in the dirt like Ol' Aggy, let me tell ya. So here's what I see on the north side of the bed...

Ain't that a fine example of a Rutabaga, or Swede, or as some folks call them (Incorrectly I might add) yeller turnip?

Now lets go around to the north end...

Now look at that fine specimen, cheek by jowl with that can o' beer I put down yesterday and forgot about. But its a good thing that its there because it makes a handy size reference for just how big a rutabaga can get in the right conditions.

And its a good thing because it was still half full! Ain't Mother Nature wonderful?

This 'un here is about the size of a softball now and still has a good six weeks growin' to go.

Well I gotta go I jist heard the Shed door bangin' and I don't want to be caught postin' on this fool blog o' theirs. But I'll keep you up on all this rutabagian stuff whenever they's a chance to.

Thank you for viewin' another Agnes extravaganza at Uncle Mac's garden Shed!

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