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Saturday, August 18, 2012


Hi, Farm Girl here and you know what I do; I help out in the garden and around the shed and so forth. Today we planted a lot of Boule D'or instead of merely shooting the boule as usual.

And what are Boule D'or  you ask?(Pronounced BOOLAY DUH OR, not "BULLDOOR" as the uncultured clods I coexist with would have it!) And, why are we hell bent to plant some at the very last moment?

They are yellow turnips, purportedly somewhere in size and flavor between the detestable white turnip...


And the comestable rutabaga...


We are hoping for a good tasting, long storing happy medium.

These yellow turnips are supposed to mature in 60 days and to be sowed 6 to 8 weeks before the first frost. We anticipate the first frost around mid October here at the shed although it can vary widely year to year. We sowed a bed full on August 17, about 1/4" deep and allowing around 6" on center between plants.

Germination is expected in less than 7 days.

We'll keep you advised of their progress on a weekly basis until the critical taste test in the third week of October.

We obtained our seeds from the Baker Creek Company located in Missouri, a supplier of organic, heirloom, non GMO seeds and a company we highly endorse.


If we have a problem with Baker Creek Seeds it would be as regards the actual seed count per packet. Purported to contain at least 600 seeds we sowed over 700 from ours and have at least as many left over! Not a bad problem to have, when you think about it.

Well that's our bulldoor story for the day, and we are sticking to it. Thanks for stopping by and we'll see you next time on Farm Girl's Corner!

Today's Farm Girl Model, Jamie Eason
Photographer, Johnny Crosslin
More of Miss Eason and Mr. Crosslin's remarkable work can be seen at:
We highly recommend a visit to the site! 


Raymond Alexander Kukkee said...

Looking good, Mac! The Swede turnip, (you call it rutabaga) is my favourite. NO white turnips for me. I have not seen or tried the 'yellow' turnip or Boule d'or .
Let us know what THEY taste like.

I thought it was too late to plant turnips, your season must be longer than ours. Don't forget to eat some of those turnip greens too, when you thin them out.

Mac Pike said...

One of my Grandmothers called them "Swedes" as well, but otherwise I've not heard it used. I think its a regional thing. (This Grandma was from Wyoming)

I'm going to leave the turnip greens be in all likelyhood because I still have chard and collards and soon will have cabbage again. Otherwise I'd scarf 'em.