The Shed

The Shed
The Shed

Thursday, May 31, 2012


HowwwwwwDEEEEEE! It's me! Aunt Agnes and Ah am as happy as a boar hawg in a pen fulla brood sows! We went out into the garden that Uncle Mac's Shed is the shed therefore, if you catch my drift, and WE all have a  SURPRISE for YEW! Woooo Hoooo! Can all Y'all guess what it is? Ah'll give yew a hint, its what's fer dinner

It's turnips!

Yummy turnips!

Yew can boil' em,

You can broil 'em,

'cause they's turnips!

Turn 'em into turnip-slaw,

Steam 'em in a pot!

Skewer 'em for shish - ka - bob,

Yew can eat 'em cold or hot!

They's turnips, yummy turnips!

They's hunnerts in the plot!

Shoot Ah'm so gosh dern excited Ah might just do a fandango right here and now! Here Ah go!

[ Uncle Mac's editorial note: There followed a mercifully brief interval wherein Agnes, a butt in one hand and a Lone Star in the other, a turnip clenched between her, uh, tooth broke into a kind of manic buck and wing. We had recorded this, but destroyed the only copy. There are some things one simply does not do to the readers.  

Whew! Well now, gotta ketch ma breath...Ain't quite as young as I useta be...


Well anyway folks that's the latest gardening triumph here at the shed. Looks like peas and cabbage are right around the bend, we'll keep yew posted! 


Raymond Alexander Kukkee said...

Now, Uncle Mac, better catch your breath before Aunt Aggie picks any more of those turnips and gets all hepped up on'em.
I've never seen turnips like that, what kind are they? The wife said "Are you sure they ain't big radishes?" ":))

Mike W said...

As long as they ain't Aunt Aggie's mater's, we're good.

Mac Pike said...

Tokyo Cross, they are called and they are a common white turnip, no different in any real sense from a purple top white. I had these and added their own greens when they were half boiled. Not bad, things are beginning to happen!

Mac Pike said...

Yeah Aggy can leave those blighted baby plumb termaters tucked away for all o' me.

Glory Lennon said...

Those are lovely! But I would have liked to see Aggie dancing... Might scare away the rabbits!

Raymond Alexander Kukkee said...

Thanks, Mac, I wondered what those babies were. I've never seen those. We usually grow the orange/yellow type of turnip rather than the white, we have the purple-top whites here if anyone cares to grow them. I should try some this year, haven't grown whites for 10 years at the least!

Mac Pike said...

I also prefer the orangy ones, called (around here at least) swedes, rootabaga, wax turnip or just yellow turnip. In this zone we have no luck in spring and great luck in the fall with them, plus they keep well.

Glory I have LOTS of that seed left I could send you that too? BTW my local bunny family is angry at me already, no need for Ordeal by Aggy. That scares the wolves!

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