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Monday, June 4, 2012


We have links to the works of many talented, informed and entertaining folks who have a lot of interesting material to share. I know you will enjoy reading these at least as much as we enjoyed finding them for you, and so with no further ado, we will see to it that you have the links to take you to them!

Have you ever found yourself driving down a highway and suddenly wondering, "where the heck am I?" A disconcerting feeling to say the least.

How much more so when this happens in the deep woods, along about nightfall, when you are on foot?

Mike Logan, woodsman and author of Saturday Sunshine knows the feeling well, although I doubt he'd own up to actually being lost.

To paraphrase Henry Frapp in the epic scenic movie, "The Mountain Men":

"Lost? Ain't never been lost! Been fearsome confused for a month or two but I ain't never been lost!"

Check out this true story, right HERE!

Now that the emerging flowers are starting to brighten our world its time to turn to every one's favorite flower child, Ms. Glory Lennon. Glory, the author of the award winning gardening blog "Glory's Garden" is going to tell us about the many faceted but always colorful Clematis, just click HERE to learn what she has to share.

But even weeds are welcome and pretty upon occasion, as Glory shows us right HERE.

Tragically, many gardeners today have yet to experience the pure joy that comes with growing Rock soapwort. Oh they fiddle faddle around with Creeping phlox and other bush league substitutions but there can be no substitute for the real deal, Saponaria ocymoides. Recall the enthusiasm of the B-52's in their major hit; "That was no rock, that was a Rock SOAPWORT!" Says it all, our view.

That is nothing compared to the euphoria that you will experience once you have mastered the craft. Glory comes to your rescue, and does so HERE.

Well. Just when you thought the door was safely bolted, here comes the author of Weeds and Seeds, Low Crimes and Misdemeanors and the totally unnecessary cooking blog, Unnatural Foods. He wants to tell us all about the Carro Armato M13/40 tank and its ilk.

"This is a gardening blog!" I told him, with what I thought was justifiable asperity.

"Yeah", replied the ever eloquent one, "And its my gardening blog, Bud. Link it."

So here ya go folks, The old Carro Armato; if you can dig one out of the Libyan Desert I'm sure it will make a lovely planter. For soapwort. Just click THIS!

Two random lynx and a couple of very cool cats indeed.

Random Link number one.

Random Link number two.

We are pretty good at growing most common veggies here at the shed, but we certainly don't know everything. Garlic, good as it is and highly desirable has always been a problem for us. And so, we turn to the wisdom of Raymond Alexander Kukkee, a man who knows his garlic. Right away we see where we went astray.

You can learn about the right way to grow garlic as well, it is right HERE at your cursor-tip.

Stop by Raymond's always entertaining, always surprising Incoming BYTES and be sure to become a member, you won't want to miss a thing!

Are you a writer, professional or aspiring? Perhaps frozen somewhere in between? If you are looking for a quality site to display your work, one that is inspiring by content and design then you need look no further than Mandy's Pages.

I will not attempt to summarize or describe this wonderful site, I could not do it justice. Simply click on the link, and see for yourself that all "writing sites" are not alike!

Have you ever wanted to own a work of original art? A bit too pricey, isn't it. Or did you ever want, perhaps to commission a work yourself? Certainly would strain the budget to the breaking point, would it not?

Well now. Take a step down Dagon Alley, third shop on the left and say hello to Lynn Paret, owner and artist. There are many finished works to chose from but Lynn is happy to review all requests for commissioned work and rejects very few of them.

And we are talking affordable, here!

(for now)

HERE are the keys to the shop...go on in and browse a bit.

That's about it for this set of links at Uncle Mac's today - thanks for stopping by!

Or is it, "Thanks for stopping. 'Bye!"


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Thank you for sharing with us.

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mandy said...

Awww... thanks Mac. Shucks... I'm lost for words. :) You are too kind. said...

Thanks so much, Mac. You are a sweetie!

Raymond Alexander Kukkee said...

Thanks Mac! Nobody could ask for more than a direct line to Uncle Mac's Garden Shed. This great writeup makes me want to click on every one of those pages. Who's got the links? Now we know!

Mac Pike said...