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Monday, May 28, 2012


Farm Girl here! What is it with you folks and dibbles? Its a simple concept, really, and we are spending much too much time on it in my view. Let us review:


This is a Sharpie Marker. When it is no longer useful as a marker the gray end can be usefully employed as a dibble. A dibble, for those of you stopping by for the first time is an instrument to poke holes in the soil so as to facilitate planting seeds, bulbs, spuds or whatever. I know these things, I took a course in dibblery at Texas A & M.

Sharpies come in many sizes so if you mark up enough stuff, you can have a full set. There, that seems clear enough, one would think.


This however, is a Sharpei an adorable Chinese wrinkle dog, and not to be trained to dig holes in the garden so you can plant your tomatoes, no muss no fuss! What do you suppose is going to happen once your doggy finds out how nice and soft and funky smelling your garden soil is?

Today, a neat and tidy well ordered and plotted garden; tomorrow, a crater!

And please continue to leave Mr. Dibble alone as well.

I hope this is the end of confusion over dibbles, I have parsnips to plant!

Farm Girl, I'm outie!


Anonymous said...

Recycling at its best...I like this dibble concept;) Enjoy your day in the garden. I've got some watering to do myself - and I believe there might be some tomatoes and squash to harvest as well. Best to you, as always:) said...

Mac and Farmgirl never disappoint. I feel so much smarter now.

Raymond Alexander Kukkee said...

Uncle Mac, I'm glad you have such a smart adviser. I wouldn't have thought there was so many kinds of dibbles to use, first of all, and I most certainly did not know you could substitute a sharpie for a dibble instead of simply using up all the extra-sharp parsnips . Now we can eat those instead. On second thought, maybe the sharpie would taste better. ":))

Mac Pike said...

Fried Sharpie would be my choice!