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Sunday, May 6, 2012


Hi! Aunt Agnes here with a veggie update! Ah woulda put it on Farm Girl's Corner but she changed her password and forgot to tell me. Well we hauled in the first crop today and Ah'm so gosh durn proud Ah'm crowin'! Cock-a-doodle doo! Well hell any cock will do but that's not why Ah'm here!

Now would yew jist lookit this! And it were a' right tasty too!

These radishes, now have a lot more vitamins, minerals and even Omega-3 than most people know about. You can learn all abot the good things radishes do for you, right HERE!

That's all I wanted to show all y'all tonight but I'll be back as soon as somethin' interestin' happens! Now Ah gotta go watch wrasslin' on the cable box.

(Face it some o' y'all didn't really think we was gardeners, didja?)

See y'all next time!


Or rather, no she won't. We received enough comments and e-mail after Aggy stepped in when Farm Girl was away to know this is a non-starter, and we have a plan.

It gets darker than pitch outside at night when there is no moon, and you have to move around by instinct more or less. Next new moon we're gonna fill old Aggie up with home brew and Leatherfaces' special chili, and for desert give her chocolate cake with chocolate ex-lax icing.

Then me and Leatherpuss will go out and move the out house about 8 feet further down the path.

Should wrap things up nicely!

Thanks for stopping by, even if it was only for this!


Raymond Alexander Kukkee said...

Mac, you're a really creative and inventive onion buster, I can see that. Good thing you have Aunt Aggie to play Radish. You could franchise that solution too...hehe said...

Wow, that's amazing! So early in the season and so much more coming too. This bodes well, buddy-boy!

Mac Pike said...

Aggie has been voted off I think - yup looking forward to lots of veggies, here at the shed...