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Monday, May 21, 2012


Farm Girl here! Let's cut to the chase!

In the wake of a distressing episode that occurred over the week end on location at the "digs" (if you will) of an East Pennsylvania gardener who shall remain nameless, and on behalf of Uncle Mac's Garden Shed, I would like to clarify a few points on the subject of dibbles, and dibblery in general.

To wit:

Acceptable dibbling devices

These are dibbles, and any and all may be profitably employed to pierce the soil so as to better plant seeds, roots, rhizomes, tubers, bulbs, sets and

Equally acceptable
 This is a Sharpie permanent marker, a fine writing and labeling product which may, when the reservoir of ink which makes this instrument so valuable in its original capacity becomes exhausted, be used to great effect as a dibbling tool. You can dibble yourself blue in the face with a Sharpie, and we bid you God speed. It is particularly useful for the pre-dibbling of onion plant holes.

It is here displayed next to the nearly identical "Shoupie" marker which can, in a pinch, be employed as a dibble as well.

This however is Mr. Rob Dibble, enormously talented and well respected former major league baseball player who is not, repeat not to be mistaken for a gardening implement under any set of circumstances! We have no intention of detailing the unfortunate events of the preceding 48 hours which, as they did not happen here, are still mercifully vague. But this sort of thing should never occur.

There is enough stress in the world today without dibbling malfunctions!

Well a word to the wise should be sufficient so at this point...what's that, Uncle Mac? Oh put that away that isn't a Sharpie! I know a Sharpie when I see one! I graduated Texas A & M and don't you forget it!

Where was I? Oh yeah, mind your dibbles and as always, thanks for checking out Farm Girls Corner!



Raymond Alexander Kukkee said...

Uncle Mac, good thing we have Farm Girl to keep us straight on what constitutes a real dibble. Dibble this, dibble that! Farm girl sure knows her dibbles!

Glory Lennon said...

Hey, do I know this unfortunate east Pa gardener? He could help me move a very large Yew which has outlived its welcome where it's plants. I use free rocks I find in the flower beds as dibbles...silly me.

Mac Pike said...

I generally use my forefinger but I'm trying to maintain the illusion that this blog thinger is at least partially about gardening!