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The Shed
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Wednesday, October 24, 2012


Its me Aunt Agnes and Ah'm happier than a Congressman who's figured out how to tax air! 


Why would you LOOK at what Ah found growin' in the garden?


Would yew ever suspect you could grow 'em all indi...

(A phut! sort of sound in the near distance, very much like that of an air rifle...)

OUCH! Skeeter bit mah butt! Ah thought they's all gone by now....geeze Ah'm right sleepy maybe Ah should....

(Sound of an old drunk falling sideways into the bean patch, which really should have been cleaned up for overwintering by now, followed by some pflemmy sounding snores...)

Hi! Delacroix here, just a second...


Leatherface, would you take Aggy to the Shed and chuck her in the hay stack, toss a horse blanket over her and leave a bottle of cheap whisky where she can find it when she wakes up? That's a good boy.

I'm sorry folks I was just lurking in the corn patch with the tranquilizer rifle waiting for Pineapple Girl to make a move on either the big butternut squash or Mr. Big himself when along comes Aggy with who knows what sort of inappropriate posting. It seemed to me there was only one thing to do if Uncle Mac's Garden Shed is to maintain its high level of publishing integrity.

Stop snickering!

Anyway, the mushroom variety that Aggy was about to misrepresent is none other than Phallus impudicus, a variety of stinkhorn which you can read about HERE and study pictures of HERE. Do not try to eat them.

Okay! Looks like we have side stepped yet another Aggian disaster. Don't worry people there is a plot afoot to send her on a bus trip to Fargo without enough money to come back so this sort of thing is not likely to happen again.

Be sure to stop again by soon as Farm Girl squeezes the yellow turnip postings until they squeal.  Until then thanks for visiting Uncle Mac's!


Raymond Alexander Kukkee said...

Whoa,Aggie, watch out for those stinkhorns! They're stinky stuff, definitely not made for soup or souffle even in 'unlikely foods'. Mac, better keep the guard awake around Mr. Big, too he's getting to be quite a large target! ":)

Glory Lennon said...

Lacy may have met her match with pineapple girl--you can never trust a girl who continually is spotted with a marzipan pineapple--they tend to explode you know. My gosh but things do get hopping around the shed. You can never tell what will happen next. Amazing place and always good for a laugh.:)