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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

A FARM GIRL UPDATE - Burpees "Easy Peasy" peas

Hi! Farm Girl here butting in with a quick update on one of the new veggies we promised to try out here at Uncle Mac's Garden Shed. (For a recap of those items just click HERE)

One new veggie was "Easy Peasy" peas put out by the Burpee Seed company. We tend to poke gentle fun at Burpee sometimes, they do tend to oversell their items but the fact is, these peas lived up to advanced billing.

We planted a good sized patch in early spring, and had if not 100% germination, a rate so high as to not matter. The plants grew well, with no problems and trained themselves up their trellises. 

Yesterday, June 19, we picked a test bowl of round, fully packed pods loaded with plump peas. (There are still lots more to be picked remaining in the pea patch.)

We cooked them up and they were as sweet and tasty as you ask a dish of peas to be!

We pronounce Easy Peasy a success based on the limited information that we have, and are going to have a fall planting as well. Of course we will let you know how they perform the second time around.

We will also save some of the fall crop as seed stock and find out how true they stay to type next season.

That's it for my quick up-date, and thank you for stopping to check it out. This is farm Girl, and I'm out!  

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Raymond Alexander Kukkee said...

Definitely a variety of peas to try out, Mac. Good test, great tester