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Saturday, February 2, 2013

Aunt Agnes discovers the secret of immortality and also

The missing link, the missing lynx, how to kill garlic breath before that all important first date...

Aunt Agnes, idiot savant. Well one of those two words.

the Northwest Passage, the keys to the city, how to take 20 pounds off of a big fat ass while consuming even MORE Haagen Daz, how to strip Liberals of power and of course, the ever popular secret of immortality, which she reveals HERE in her first literary effort. "Ah muhself writ this here" by Agnes Dalrymple. 


Glory Lennon said...

Um...I got nothing to say.

Dan Shaw said...

I recon Aunt Agnes' articles get read more than anyone elses. You just can't wait to scroll down to hide her away and with anyone else you just wanna stay right there when you land on the site.

Mike W said...

The best way to kill garlic breath is to feed the other person more garlic. That way they won't notice your own garlic breath.

Raymond Alexander Kukkee said...

Garlic is supposed to keep evil away, does that include evil Auntie Agnes types? haha!