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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Free seeds - Hubbards, Butternuts and more from the seediest people around...




Mr. Lyons I will need a mailing address so please e-mail same to and we will get your seeds right out to you!

My thanks to all who participated, new contest soon!

But cheer up! Better days are coming! Onions and corn will sprout, turnips and carrots will frolic in the mulch and egg plant will dance a sprightly dance amidst the chard! Well maybe not. But things will grow again, rest assured. And to help this along Uncle Mac's has a few seed varieties for you, absolutely free.

These are our own seeds, saved from our own garden harvest.

You will get:

24 Blue Hubbard squash seeds, enough to generate over half a ton of Hubbards if you plant them all. The great hulking brutes can be used like any winter squash or pumpkin and will store for months with care.  

Blue Hubbards make wonderful pies!

But wait, there's more!

You will get some BUS seeds too. (Butternuts of Unusual Size)

Ladies Knight cucumbers, sure to please.

Red bell pepper seeds...

And three other varieties of veggie seeds as well, we'll let those be surprises.

"What, kindly, grizzled old Uncle Mac must we do to win these seeds?" You may be asking.

Nothing at all. Just indicate in the comments section that, yes, you would like to be in the drawing and when the time comes, (February 15, 2013) we will hold some kind of drawing, (paper slips from a bowl or hat, likely.) and YOU, gentle reader, could be a winner!

And there will be much rejoicing!

Remember, just indicate in comments that you want to be in the drawing for the free "Seeds of Resistance" package, that is all.

Good luck!

Don't forget to check back on the 15th or 16th to see if you won, Farm Girl will need a mailing address!


Becca said...

Sharing this, Mac, please put my name in the hat!

Raymond Alexander Kukkee said...

Absolutely, Mac, please put my name in the Seeds of Resistance hat too, I don't have Blue Hubbard up here ! G+ing this too, bud!

MacPike said...

Thanks guys!

Glory Lennon said...

Um...didn't I already win this several months back without so much as a hallooo? I need to get my garden beds in order, that's for sure.

Mac Pike said...

Noooo, Glory there was no drawing; I just sent you a few seeds is all.

Anonymous said...

Hi Mac,
I would like to have a chance at your seedy award! And I have a question... why is the cucumber called Ladies Knight? Hmm?


Christy Birmingham said...

Yes, I would like to be in the drawing :) Thanks! Mmmm pie

David Lyons said...

Yes i would like to be in the drawing for the seeds , never grown Hubbards before but my wife wants to make a pie so .....

Ann Hinds said...

Please, oh please, add me to the drawing. I love seeds of any kind and especially those seeds of resistance.

Anonymous said...

Glory's Garden blog sent me over.

I would love some seeds. My doc has finally cleared me to start gardening, though she still wants me to wear gloves.

I want to start a garden this spring.


mandy said...

Add me in too, Mac.... and yep Glory sent me here. With her blog post of course. :)

akalinus said...

Glory sent me. Sure, I would love some seeds. Don't have much room. Peppers don't turn out well here but squash does.

It is great of you to do this, Mac. We appreciate it!! And you of course. :)

phonelady said...

hi there mac yep please put my name in the hat as well thanks .
cathy t .

Sean Reddy said...

Just started my first garden and would love to be entered in the Seeds of Resistance raffle!

Mac Pike said...

Jeff Tomasko, too lethargic to post a comment, has requested and been granted entry.