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Saturday, July 13, 2013

The Best Gardening Site on the Web

Howwwwwdeeee! I'm Farm Girl and today on Farm Girl's Cor..


"Hold it just a darn minute!", said the real Farm Girl. "You're not Farm Girl. You're Vida G. Roving Reporter for the shed. What the hell do you think you're doing?"

"I'm Farm Girl.", said Farm Girl, reasonably.


"I'm Farm Girl!", said Aunt Agnes, boozily.

"I'm Spartacus!" said Mallory, as he walked in the door with Millie Quackenbush and a badly depleted sack of fresh donuts.

"Shut, it, George. Agnes, go play in traffic. Hiya Millie, what's in the sack?"

"And Vida what the hell were you up too?"

"I was going to do a Farm Girls Corner, I thought you were on vacation?"

"I was on vacation. Me and the old goat went Mosasaur fishing back in the late Cretaceous. Caught a worlds record Hainosaurus as a matter of fact."

"Heinous sores? Caught 'em from Uncle Mac I bet. Did you try Neosporin?", contributed Agnes.

"Agnes! Put a sock in it! Okay, Vida, what was the corner going to be about?"

"Just this", said Vida, punching up a site on the computer, "The best damned gardening site on the web."

Every one gathered around.

"Oh I say!" said Mallory, "that's bloody impressive!"

"Hmmmmph." Hmmmmphed Farm Girl, "Yes it is. But what makes them better than us?"

"No Agnes." said Vida.

"We're screwed.", said Farm Girl.

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Raymond Alexander Kukkee said...

haha, Mac, you nailed it. ":)