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The Shed
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Monday, July 15, 2013

Farm Girl's Corner - Goin' fishin'

"Wow!" exclaimed Farm Girl, "That cold water is a real eye opener when it hits your hoo-hoo!

"You just said, 'hoo-hoo' ", observed Delacroix, "and with a straight face."
"Yes", said Farm Girl primly. "You don't want me to be crude do you? This is a family site."
"First of all you're a grown woman, second, it isn't a family site! Nobody visits this site. Not families, not crooked politicians to use a redundancy, not dirty old men in third floor walk up apartments in Hoboken." said Delacroix, "You want to say the P word, say it! C word? Who could possibly have a problem with that? You have to be reading content before you can start bitching about content. How about vag? I think vag is ok?
"Vag is ok. I'll stick to hoo-hoo, though."
"Stick to your sheets if that's what you want. What are you doing, anyway?"
"Trying to catch every fish mentioned at  "" which would be a feather in my cap."

"Why do you want feathers in your cap?"

"I don't want feathers in my cap! What I really want to do is read all the entries at " ", the best gardening site on the web.

"Oh I see", said Delacroix, "well who wouldn't?" 

3 comments: said...

Ah, what happens when a fishing farm girl talks to an assassin...only at the shed.

Mac Pike said...

Girl talk...

Mike W said...

Amazing. Having waded into into freezing cold water, I can almost identify with farm girl, but not quite.