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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

The last onion

Howdy! Agnes here and Ah'm fixin' to chop up the last onion from last year's garden, it's tuna salad sammiges and soup for lunch here at the shed! Don't yew wish yew could have some? Well yew cain't!

Now this here is an Ailsae onion, a variety which is not supposed to be much of a keeper and yet we used the next to the last about mid February and it was jist fine. Farm Girl said, "Let's keep that last 'un a couple more weeks and see what happens", and here it is, March 12 already.

There's that rascal now...

Ah got a bad feelin' about this...looks allright but its just a bit shrunk and squishy like. Anything shrunk and squishy Ah generally have no use for, lets see now...

Shhsphew! No that one waited around a bit to long, kinda outstayed its welcome if yew savvy my drift. Don't want to be findin' that in my tuna salad!

But yew know what? It's ok because if yew can grow sweet juicy, biggish onions like Ailsae, which are not s'posed to be long storing and still get the five months from mid-September to mid February out of them, Ah say yew are doin' jist fine in the onion department.

Jist have to grow a nice long keepin' red to take up the slack is all.

Well thank yew all for settin' in on this experiment; that's all Ah got fer today.

If you was wonderin' yew can git some Ailsae plants from Exhibition Seeds and a bunch more places too Ah reckon so why not give them a try this year?


Glory Lennon said...

Wow, I'm impressed. You grow them from seeds too? Cool! I use onions so much I never have them wait around long enough to get un-usable...unless you buy them at the store. You can never tell then.

Raymond Alexander Kukkee said...

Another interesting and informative post, Mac! You can also take onions that are stretching their 'keeping period' and peel off the outside bulb, leave the straight inside with the root attached to dry a bit, then plant it, it will start growing pretty quickly for some nice onion greens.
Some wise person also told me to grow onions from seed, plant the seed thickly in a flat or pot, and when they get about 6" high, prune them off to half height, do that several times, plant them in the garden in the spring...supposedly French onions and the reds do well that way...haha!

Mac Pike said...

Sounds pretty good to me!