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Sunday, March 17, 2013

Farm Girls Corner - Container carrots

Farm Girl here, welcome to Farm Girl's Corner! Just a quick follow up on our carrots in a bucket, which Vida G so ably detailed for us in a recent post.*


Our carrots sprouted just 10 days later and are doing well, We expect to decant them sometime in very early June. There has only been one day that we have been able to place them safely outdoors in direct sunlight but for the time being they are doing quite well in front of the window.
There is still plenty of time for you to start your own container carrots, (a fun project for children of all ages), but I would do it now. In a few more weeks you will be able to seed them directly.
We'll keep you advised of the success or failure of this particular bucket load.
Thanks for stopping! 

*I'd go straight to the end of the post, there is a lot of irrelevent drivel preceeding the meat of the topic.  


Raymond Alexander Kukkee said...

Those look like they'll already make a tiny salad, Farm Girl, congrats on getting them to sprout so quickly. ":)

Mac Pike said...

She roosts on them like a mother hen. It would make me sprout rapidly too.

Glory Lennon said...

Wish mine looked like that! :( Need to get fresher seeds.