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The Shed
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Friday, February 15, 2013

Millie makes a little list

Hi! Millie here, often referenced but seldom seen. I live across the stone wall and orchard, maybe 150 yards from the shed. An unsettling group of neighbors these shed folk, what with wolves, bobcats, serial killers, snipers and general leakage from the wormholes - you never know what's going to turn up in the orchard at any given moment!

I recall the time that great whackin' dragon went after the Granny Smith apples...well that's a story for another day.

Anyway I came over with some piping hot strawberry-white chocolate muffins for the Old Goat and his friends but the Goat, it seems, is off dip-netting back in the Cambrian - and we all know how well that generally works out - and therefore has a snowballs chance in hell of ever seeing any of these.
There was some brief talk of firing a couple or three well buttered muffins back through space time - Farm Girl knows how to do that - for his morning snack but Delacroix seemed to speak for everyone when she so eloquently said:
"Screw 'im. All the more for us!"
What's that, Leatherface? Magically delicious? Good boy and closer to the truth than you know. I'm flattered but don't mumble with your mouth full it's a ghastly sound, the mask lends your, for lack of a better word, voice, a sort of sinister resonance.
I'm also here to keep one of my New Year's resolutions, to get more involved at Uncle Mac's and so with no further ado, I've assembled a dozen gardening related articles for you to enjoy with your muffins. What? You don't have any muffins? Oh that is too bad.
At least you have articles:
Did you know that depending on what hardiness zone you are in, it is almost past time to start your early transplants? This little snippet might point you at some early season favorites that need to be started now.
Cauliflower is not just a white ball that turns up in the spring garden. It comes in a variety of colors and flavors as this little essay makes clear.
Is this your first time planting a vegetable garden? This article can help you avoid common mistakes and make your very first attempt a smashing success!
Collards are not just for southern gardeners! Learn more about this hardy, tasty cousin of cabbage!
Speaking of cabbage, did you ever want to grow the biggest cabbage in town? Here are a few tips to help you do it.
Here is an eye-popping giant veggie for you. Growing big ones is a competitive sport in the UK and Peter Glazebrook is one of the best.
Want an early, healthy crop of fresh broccoli? Hear are a few tips to help you on your way.
There are many things that most people do not know about radishes. All is revealed right here!
Here is an unusual and unusually tasty vegetable that will grow in almost every zone in the US.
Everyone knows fresh vegetables are good for us. Some however are MUCH better for us than others. Kale just might be the best of all.
Most vegetables love the sun and cannot tolerate restricted daylight. But there are a few that do quite well in partial shade. Check these shady veggies out and expand your growing space!
Find yourself a 12' to 15' log that is about a foot thick on the fat end, and half an hour later you will have an attractive, functional, long lasting raised bed made from that log. The cost? A little elbow grease! Here is how it's done.
Well that should keep you busy for a while! Time to head back across the orchard and starts some seeds of my own. Thanks for visiting Uncle Mac's garden Shed, be sure to come back soon!  

6 comments: said...

Wow, loads of info here!

Raymond Alexander Kukkee said...

Excellent, Mac, what a load of information!

Mac Pike said...

A load of something, and no mistake.

Christy B said...

Millie has a lot of information to share!

Unknown said...

So is your shed still covered with thick snow just like the picture above. Spring is just around the corner! Getting exited! ~

Mac Pike said...

It's snowing as we type!