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The Shed
The Shed

Friday, December 28, 2012


"Let's see, earthworms, garden sheds, tomatoes, Giganotosaurus carolinii, Winchesters, Remingtons and other firearms, cabbage, squash, compost, raised beds and lynx. Yup, we have addressed a wide range of topics here at Uncle Mac's Garden Shed in this our first year of marginally documented operation."

Uncle Mac was ebullient, full of himself, and equally full of Molson unaccountably left over from last April May Maples Eve.

"Are you certain that we actually touched on Winchesters?" inquired farm Girl.

"Of course we touched on Winchesters", said Mac, "We're touching on them now, matter of fact."

"But it's a very light touch.", Farm Girl observed.

"Even so. But anyway, you know what we never covered in any depth? We never helped folks design their first veggie garden!"

"My gosh you're right!"

"Guess what your first assignment for the New Year is going to be, Farm Girl."

Farm Girl blinked.

"You mean, it's not going to be wrasslin' the one-eyed tro..."

"Well of course that comes first! That always comes first! That's a New Years Eve tradition! Your second assignment I mean, since you want to pick nits all of a sudden."

"Garden design, I'm guessin' ", said Farm Girl, brightly.

"You're so smart!", said Mac.

"I know!" said Farm Girl.

Today's Farm Girl Model, Jamie Eason

Photographer, Johnny Crosslin

More of Miss Eason and Mr. Crosslin's remarkable work can be seen at:

We highly recommend a visit to the site!


Raymond Alexander Kukkee said...

That sure looks like a Happy 2013 coming up, Mac! Nice looking garden beds! Too organized,,,too organized...I mean SO organized...very NEAT! haha...Aggie must be working hard! ":) Happy New Year to you and Farm Girl!

Mac Pike said...

Thank you Raymond right back atcha!

Glory Lennon said...

Ooh, I'll be taking notes!