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Wednesday, July 18, 2012


Howdyyyyyy! Agnes here!

With all this talk about sauerkraut and Cole slaw y'all forgot the most important thing! Y'all forgot the cabbage board! What's a cabbage board you want to know?

There's one, yonder. It's great for slicery of cabbages and shortening overly long fingers. Y'all can git one HERE among other places, there ya go.

Now what would y'all do around here without good old Aunt Aggy?

Have a good 'un and we'll see all y'all next time!

[Editors note: What would we do without good old Aunt Aggy? Sure would be nice to find out!]


Glory Lennon said...

Silly me. I just use a knife.

Mac Pike said...

You are soooo silly!

Dan Shaw said...

We just chunk it up and put it in the food processor. I do like the manual slicer and I bet it's good for a lot of things besides lettuce.

Mac Pike said...

So I understand. I've only ever used a borrowed one and that was for, as you might suspect, cabbage.

Raymond Alexander Kukkee said...

I have a long, thin but very rigid serrated carving knife that is perfect for the job of slicing cabbage uniformly. Takes a bit of time to do properly.
Last time we used a power slicer--I wasn't that fond of the "short shredded" look, longer shreds seem better and more traditional somehow, but using my recipe, the kraut turned out perfectly anyway!
I have to get a slicing board, makes sense to me. ":)
By the way, tell Aunt Aggie thanks, and also to keep that
her kraut pressed under the juice at all times to prevent and spores and spoilage out!

Mac Pike said...

Agnes? remember, that well-pressed kraut is kraut well-pressed.

Words to live by!