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The Shed
The Shed

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Time for 'taters!

"Aunt" Agnes

'Taters! Got new pertaters!


Got some 'taters and some Brandywine termaters!
Gonna scrub them 'taters, toss 'em in a pot!
Berl 'em t'il they's ...AWWWKK! WHAT? Umph mrglrmff mrgrlub mfunug....

*Sounds of a smallish, elderly and highly intoxicated woman being removed, kicking and mrglubling from the premises by a very large man in a leather mask.*

[Editors intervention: Our apologies, ladies and gentlemen for yet another unwarranted outburst by Agnes. Yes, indeed, we pulled a few new potatoes and plucked a couple of tomatoes. No need for a Broadway spectacular on the subject.]

Keep watching for the next Farm Girl's Corner when she discusses kale as a fall crop in what I am certain will be excruciating detail. Carry on! 


Glory Lennon said...

Should've let her finish the song...

Raymond Alexander Kukkee said...

Lovely potatoes. Great looking tomatoes. Aunt Aggie must be doing something right! ":)

Mac Pike said...

When you figure out what Raymond, let us know. Glory we have to LISTEN to it, you only need suffer through the transcript. We'd rather hear Mr. Toad cover Jim Morrison tunes.