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Thursday, February 23, 2012


A lot of people hang around the Garden Shed and its environs from time to time. Some are strange and excentric folk, difficult to categorize. Others are the salt of the earth, the kind who would gladly give you the shirt off their very backs, had you expressed the need for such a tattered, sweat-soaked, maloderous garment. Others are downright dangerous. And then of course, there are the critters.

But against all odds there are some talented, knowledgeable people; good friends with information to share in an entertaining, masterfully written style. We are going to share a few links to their work today, so that you may get to
know them and profit from their experience and knowledge. I know you will enjoy the experience!

Who doesn't enjoy a beautiful bed of colorful annual flowers? First up is Glory Lennon; equally adept in vegetable or flower garden Glory is going to tell us about some easy to grow annual flowers. Even if your thumb is not the greenest, even if you have lost your thumb in a tragic hitch hiking accident, Glory will show you what to grow and how to grow it. Beautify your yard with gorgeous annual flowers, let this article be your guide:

"Easy to grow annual flowers", by Glory Lennon
Glory has even more to offer! She is the author of the award winning blog, Glory's Garden, and the fun serial novel, Violet's in bloom. Visit her blogs and pages and enjoy!

Don't forget to vote for your favorite "Farm Girl" picture right here. Remember to click "vote" after you make your selection or the vote will not register!"

But where are you going to plant your flowers or your vegetables? In a bed, or raised bed, or if you happen to be Raymond Alexander Kukkee, in a heap. Raymond shows you how to utilize items you may never have considered as soil additives or amendments to create a rich growth medium that will make your veggie patch the envy of the neighborhood! Without further ado, learn about the joy of heapery right HERE!

But don't stop there! Raymond is the proprietor and chief author of "Incoming BYTES" a broad ranging look at just about everything, guaranteed to surprise, inform and amuse. Be sure to check it out and become a member, so that you don't miss the next post - you never know what it might be about!


We have just had a contribution about a heap, I think Its just about time we received a contribution from one. Ladies and gentlemen, Alexandra Heep is about to touch on a subject that probably affects ninety percent of all familes in the United States today. Unemployment is an unpleasant fact of life for many but Alexandra is going to reveal the silver lining inside the cloud, if only we heed her suggestion. See what she has to say on the subject, right HERE

Are you a NASCAR fan? Well guess what? Alexandra is the ultimate NASCAR fan and also the source off all NASCARIAN knowledge. Visit her blog at "A Heep of NASCAR" and learn a few things which you probably never suspected about this great competitive sport and its personalities. In the mood for a surprise? Visit "A Heep of everything", which is very much like Forrest Gump's box of chocolates, no telling what you are going to get, but you are certain to like it!


Spring is just around the corner, you can just taste it in the air! Soon bunnys will emerge, robins will bob bob bob along while taking their own personal worm census. Gardeners will hunker down at their windows, staring at the garden, hands twisting nervously on the handles of their hoe's, like doughboys carressing their rifles before going over the top on the first morning of the Somme. (Although, hopefully at least some of the gardeners will come back.) Some of us, however know what spring is really all about, its about fishing!

But Mike Logan does not merely go fishing, Mike goes FISHING! The way it is supposed to be done. Fishing is a full family adventure in the Logan clan, and we are furtunate that he shares the first installment of one such adventure right HERE.

But that is only the opening chapter of a much broader fishing adventure, which you can view in its entirety at Saturdays Sunshine. And this is not simply a fishing saga, there is action, adventure and even mystery to be found. I'm not going to give anything away, but even Holmes and Watson were never confronted by anything as baffling as "The Extraordinary Case of the Submersible Hound." All this and more at Saturdays Sunshine!

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There is fishing, and then there is ice fishing. There are pros and cons to ice fishing, there are ice fishing pros, and there are ex-cons and cons in the making participating in the sport. There are times when you can capture Moby Dick while sitting on your milk crate.

Sometimes its the other way around.

Ice fisherman are a peculiar breed.

Some are modern day Vikings!

Others, dedicated towns folk.

You can form lifelong friendships on the ice,

But some of these are best not discussed at the breakfast table.

Well. So much for the pictorial oddessy. You've already met Ray Kukkee of Incoming BYTES, and he has a few things to say on the subject of ice fishery. So with no further ado, lets let him do so, right HERE!

We tried to stop the following post, but as Uncle Mac so elequently put it:

"It's my #%%#$#! shed, my #%^$@! blog and my $%%##$@! doggerel! I'll post what I &%^$#! want to post!

It is difficult to argue with, or even detect, logic of that caliber. We just wanted you to know that we played no roll in what you are about to endure.

Farm Girl, Delacroix and Leatherface.

Well folks, it seems fishing and especially ice fishing is the order of the day! Some of the crew here at the Shed persuaded me to display, albeit reluctantly,  the following ode dedicated to the brethren and cistern of the ice spud: 

Ice Fishing

You may play a round of golf with your loony neighbor Rolf,
or smack handballs 'round until your fingers bleed.
You may pump your mountain bike up the peak named after Pike,
and I'm sure we'll all applaud the mighty deed.

You may hunt the antlered moose, you may perforate a goose,
or take bow in hand and stalk the ring necked pheasant.
But a sportsmans not a hero t'il he fishes in sub-zero
temperatures that lesser men would find unpleasant.

There is nothing quite as nice as to lumber 'cross the ice
when the northern lights are flashing o'er the pole.
With your tip-ups and your thermos and frost bitten epidermous
and a double headed axe to chop the hole.

On your upturned spacklers pail there you'll squat through sleet and hail,
and snow so deep that folks can't see your hat.
And some may call you nuts, and some a goofy putz,
but you're a proud ice fishin' man for all of that.

Though you've never caught a trout and never will, I doubt,
that the prospect of a catch is what will tug ya,
to the frozen lake each season; no you do it for the reason,
it's the only place you spouse won't go to bug ya.


My good friend Amanda DaCosta has a surprise for us all! Because it is a surprise, I'm not going to tell you anything about it, you will have to take the time to make a single mouse click, and visit Mandy's Pages. Then you will know, and can recommend the site to your friends, and then they can recommend it to theirs, and...

Well you get the picture! Go click that link and say "Hi!" to Mandy!


Raymond Alexander Kukkee said...

Thanks, Mac! Now that veggie season is coming up and you have the links, Glory and I will have even more reason to check the shed out --just to see what beautiful new tomatoes you have been developing in there. ":) ~R

Alexandra Heep said...

I am honored you made room for me at the shed, since I don't exactly have a green thumb.

Glory Lennon said...

See? I keep telling people mac is a sweetie and no one believes me! Thanks so much, Mac. :-)

Mac Pike said...

I luvs ya awl!