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Sunday, August 16, 2015

Another cash prize contest!


Indeed it is, Jack's back and this time he's handing out dollars instead of ripping out guts, a mere 127 years after sweet Mary Jane Kelly endured what was definitely not elective surgery.

Where does the time go?

And what, constant reader, must you do to garner the first prize of $20.00, or the second prize of $10.00 or in the unlikely event that we have three contestants, the embarrassingly niggardly third prize; a whopping $5.00?

Carve some Lady of the Evening a new belly button?

Nothing so gauche. 

First, you must have a PayPal account so that we can send your prize to you, it's the only way we do it.

As for the particulars of the contest, they are very simple. All you need do is knit a prize winning nudibranch, crochet a top of the line Chromodoris or if you are of stout pioneering stock, purl a Phidiana.

Yes, we want you to crochet a sea slug.

"Yuck", says you, "that will make my needles all slimy!"

Ho ho. Our readers, you have to love them.

No, dear soul, use yarn and knit us a replica of a sea slug, perhaps a colorful one like what is probably
Chromodoris willani, shown below.


Or you might wish to run with Chromodoris Magnifa, although you will be running rather slowly, nudibranchs are not known for blinding speed. 


And here is another colorful challenge, Chromodoris kuiteri.


You will need to tell us what species you are basing your work upon so be to check out "" where you can find hundreds of pictures under the "species list", or to "Feeling Sluggish" or to "The Slug Site". This will give you more than enough examples and photos to work from.

Finished pieces should be at least 5" long so as to show up well in the picture you will be emailing to the judges.

Email pictures to: with "Slugs" in message bar.

So we know you are showing us your work and not a pic from the internet include, in the picture along with the knit slug, one of the following.

A 12 oz. can of beer or soft drink.

A local newspaper showing the date

A fresh root crop vegetable, a carrot, beet, rutabaga or parsnip for example.

Your cat.

But wait, you say, no one knits these things! How wrong you are! Here is just one example:


More examples can be found simply by typing "Knit Sea Slugs" into your search engine. 

So hop to it! Entries received after midnight August 30 will not be considered unless a hefty bribe is enclosed.

You may enter up to three pieces but you can only win one prize.

Judging should take but a few days, prizes sent out almost immediately.

If you feel these directions require clarification, use the comments section to communicate your concerns.

Let's hear those needles clacking!
Only a few hours have passed and we have our first slug!

And here it is! Now what have you brought to the table?

C. Magnifa


5 comments: said...

well this looks like fun, but I don't have a cat anymore for the picture.

raymond alexander kukkee said...

Arrgh, I would have to learn how to knit, crochet, and get a cat....":D

Mac Pike said...

There are turnips and newspapers and aluminum cans, folks, and ladies, we'll permit a booby to be deployed as well. :-D

Mandy said...

I have knitting needles, yarn and a crochet / knitting guide ... but I can't get the hang of knitting. I'll probably try photoshop. LOL. Ummm no. Can't even get myself to do that much. :) Am curious. Why a knitting contest?

Mac Pike said...

Just to have a little fun and maybe get a few new people checking out the blog. These are colorful little works and once created, can be given to the kids or even sold, or so I've been told.