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Sunday, May 31, 2015

Agnes checks her onions


It seems like Agnes has succeeded. She has managed to grow a whopper of an onion plant, the largest in the picture topping thirty nine inches and still growing. (Background on this sordid tale may be uncovered HERE)

What Agnes has failed to realize is that there is little or no onion attached to that truly magnificent stalk. These, you see, are replanted onions which have overwintered as one onion. Agnes divided the onion into the three plants that it was developing into earlier this spring and planted them individually.

However, second year onions are devoting their energy to producing seeds, primarily, and the pods that look quite a bit like Greek orthodox church domes are where the seeds will develop. She will have quite a few Walla Walla seeds from just these plants, if she wishes to save them.

If the Agster also wants bulky onions she needs to water lavishly, fertilize with 10-10-10 fertilizer along with an additive of calcium, boron and magnesium and hope for the best. Otherwise she will merely get something that looks like a leek on the bottom of that over-large stem.

It would be a really good idea if she weeded a bit, too.


Raymond Alexander Kukkee said...

And fine onion seed stalks they are, very tall. Great way to produce seeds! If a single is partitioned and planted, each of them will divide --forming extra bulbs which will all produce seed stalks. said...

Good of you to tell her all that. But will she listen?

amycita said...

"...a really good idea if she weeded a bit, too."chuckle, chuckle. :) I can totally relate with poor Agnes. I have weeds happily thriving all over the darn keeps getting in the way of all my good intentions.

amycita said...

If you get a moment, check out this post in which my four year old preschool class explains how one cooks a turkey dinner...if only they had known about these onions, they could have added them to their recipes! Lol!