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The Shed
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Tuesday, November 6, 2012


Hi folks you know who it is, its me, Farm Girl and it is time for the last installment of Boule coverage. Unless we think of a way to drag it out even further than we have thus far. And believe me we are trying!

Who said "taste test"? Good thinkin' Leatherface! That's why we keep you around; that, and your pretty mug.

Anyway Agnes has promised to perform a little song she wrote in honor of the harvesting of the Boule D'ors or yellow turnips, and so with no further ado we...


Snic? What in the world is "snic"?

Oh no...

"Lacey! Put the safety back on and re holster, you can't shoot Agnes!"


"Why the hell not? You've thought about doing it yourself. I'd rather listen to a concert by 50 alley cats yakking up hairballs backed by a suite of rusted graveyard gate hinges swung 'round by a funereal breeze than listen to Agnes rasp out whatever she is planning to inflict on an already traumatized group of readers."

"No, Lacey."

"Oh bother! Well okay but I'm not sticking around for this I have work to do."

And with that, folks, she steps into the corn patch and disappears with a "pop", suggestive of a space-time manipulating wormhole being activated. Someone, I suspect, is about to have a bad day.

And so with no more silliness, our own Aggie tells us what we've been waiting to hear about the Boule D'ors harvest.

 Here Ah Go!

We dug the bed we planted seeds
and performed a lot of tiresome gardenin' deeds.
But Y'all can't tell with veggies,
They jist might get et by weeds!
So give us all a signal if our gardenin' work succeeds!
Oh tie a yeller turnip to the old oak tree,*
One jist ain't enough, better make it three!
When Ah sees yeller turnips on the old oak tree
Ah gits out the pot,
Git water real hot,
And dance around in glee**
And we's be eating turnips from that old oak tree!
"Well thank you, Agnes that was, um, enlightening! Now run along it's time for your bottle. What is it today, by the way?"
"Pure corn likker."
"In keeping with the gardening theme. Aggie you are a genius!"
"Ah reckon Ah know's it. Later Farm Girl!" 
And there she goes. You know, sometimes its best to trust Lacey's instincts, she is rarely wrong. Well no use crying over frost-bit turnips.
We pulled over a bushel of them and while they look and smell great, they are still turnips. We'll cook up a batch and let you know just how they passed the taste test. Until then, thanks as always for visiting Farm Girls Corner!
*Some might quibble and observe that the turnips are in fact tied, not to an oak tree as advertised, but to a common ash. Poetic license, Buddy!
**Not a sight for the faint of heart.


Glory Lennon said...

That Lacey is always up to no good, but then so are the others at the shed. Wonder if she's going after Violet? Good harvest song, though.

Raymond Alexander Kukkee said...

Love the harvest song,Mac, good thing you have F.G. to sing it for you. Let us know how these yellow turnips taste!