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Thursday, April 19, 2012

FARM GIRL'S CORNER - Goin' fishin'

Hi! Farm Girl here! Usually I help Uncle Mac around the Garden and in the shed and stuff but today he tossed down his last swig of Irish Breakfast Coffee and bellowed: "Farm Girl! I've a mind to dunk my dobber!"

Well after we established that this dunkery would take place at the reservoir and not in the haystack we got our tackle together and went fishin'. Mac likes me to go fishin' with him, he says I'm his favorite l'il hooker, the sexist swine!

Man that springtime water is C-c-cold if you know what I mean!

But today I'm here to tell you all about the "Silver Bullet" spin casting spinner, a spinning lure that is all flash and glitter. For light spin fishing rigs this lure weighs just over 1/4 ounce. It will catch damn near all North American game fish, at one time or another and is equally adept at snagging brush, bushes, submerged logs and your own ear, if you are not careful.

And speaking of ears, ladies, what if it's not a fish you are lookin' to reel in, but a fisherman? Then you need the earring corollary to the silver bullet spinning, lure, a set of silver hooker earrings! They look just like the silver bullet lure (because that's what they are) and fisherman cannot resist them. Before you know it, they'll be nibbling your neck, just to get closer to those earrings!

The only difference are the red protective balls on the hooks, to save you from slicing your carotids open like Jack-the Ripper dicing a Whitechapel tart. Make no mistake, these balls are important. If its balls you are after, you'll need these.

What Mac? My marketing sucks? Sell your own lures and earrings then!

Now where was I? Oh yes! I know where you can purchase, dirt cheap, both the lures and the earrings, and that would be, right HERE!

And that's it for now, as always, thank you for visiting Farm Girls Corner!


Raymond Alexander Kukkee said...

Uncle Mac, now I can see how Farm Girl is so helpful, taking you fishing and all. Nice lures too. I bet she knows how to model those earrings for the fish too! ":)

Glory Lennon said...

You are funny, Farm girl. Mac is obviously rubbing off on you. I'm quite certain he enjoys every minute of it!